NAG-Event 2017

Invitation to Annual NAG Event

The NAG Foundation Board invites you to the yearly NAG event 2017.

Date: Sunday 7th May 2017
Time: from 13.30
Place: 8810 Horgen Ref. Church hall Kelliweg 21


13.30   Door opening

14.00   Greeting by Foundation president: Romedius Alber,  

14.10   Latest news from NAG and present situation in Nepal: Nicole Thakuri- Wick, Short film from NAG: Ohm Basniet

15.00   P a u s e

15.20   Comparison of school models: NAG private school and Swiss schools abroad: Barbara Sulzer Smith (Education Swiss), Michael Neil High (School literature teacher Zug and Luzern), Ohm Basniet (Vice Principle NAG  Niten Memorial School)

Refreshments: drinks, var. cakes and sandwiches from door opening until end of event.

During interval: time for personal conversation and Nepali Bazaar.

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